PFA Deploys Digital Data Experience for Leading Private Equity Firm

Client Profile

Leading U.S. based energy focused private equity firm

The Situation

The CFO of a leading energy focused private equity firm lacked the ability to access data on investors and investments quickly or independently via an online portal. The client historically relied on accounting staff to manually create data extracts and time-consuming formatting was required to produce meaningful analytics.

The client was seeking a modern portal to drill-down into details on funds, investments, investors, cash balances, and credit line details stored in their accounting system by their fund administrator.

The Solution
  • Created direct data feed from the accounting system (Investran) to an online data portal (FirmView)
    • Automatically interface accounting transactions and referential data from source system to target system (secure online data portal)
    • Interface is auto generated daily including e-mail confirmations of successful processing
  • Developed specialized reporting views to seamlessly access transaction history, cash balances across all bank accounts, and credit line analytics.
  • Developed tear sheets that included fund level metrics, investment performance details, investor capital activity, and line of credit positions.
The Value Provided

The CFO and supporting team can now quickly and securely access data through an online portal for internal review as well as to provide details to their investors across the following areas:

  • Investor commitments and capital balances, performance metrics, and transactional history
  • Investment costs, realizations, unrealized gains/losses, performance metrics, transactional details and attribution data.
  • Fund level commitments, capital balances, and performance metrics
  • Cash balances across all accounts across funds (including credit facilities)
  • Line of credit analytics on drawn vs. undrawn across funds and portfolio companies

Tear sheets can now be quickly generated and disseminated throughout the entire firm.

The firm is now able broaden the access of the data portal to investor relations, investment and other teams within the firm.

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