Five notable real-life spreadsheet related mistakes

Spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are critical tools for CFOs and Heads of Finance. The examples below illustrate the impact of spreadsheet-related errors. They emphasize the need for meticulous data management and the importance of thorough review and validation processes when working with spreadsheets, especially in financial services. 

  1. London Olympics Ticket Pricing Error: In 2012, during the London Olympics, a pricing error occurred due to a mistake in an Excel workbook. The error caused thousands of tickets to be sold at incorrect prices. The mistake was attributed to an error in the formula used to calculate ticket prices, which went unnoticed during the verification process. Organizers lost significant revenue losses as a result. 
  2. JPMorgan Chase’s “London Whale” Trading Loss: JPMorgan Chase incurred substantial trading losses amounting to billions of dollars in 2012 due to errors in an Excel spreadsheet used for risk management. The complex workbook contained flawed formulas and lacked proper validation, leading to incorrect risk calculations and inadequate monitoring of trading positions. The incident, often referred to as the “London Whale” scandal, highlighted the potential consequences of relying on flawed Excel models in high-stakes financial operations. 
  3. Reinhart-Rogoff Study on Government Debt: In 2010, economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff published a widely referenced study that claimed countries with high levels of government debt experienced lower economic growth. However, in 2013, other researchers discovered errors in the Excel spreadsheet used for their calculations, revealing faulty conclusions. The errors stemmed from incorrect cell references and data omissions, highlighting the significance of accurate data entry and formula validation in research and policy analysis. 
  4. TransAlta’s Power Plant Outage Planning: In 2003, TransAlta, a Canadian power generation company, lost $24 million, or 10 percent of the company’s profits for the year, after a human error on a spreadsheet during the bidding process for electricity transmission contracts in New York. The incident shed light on the importance of thorough testing and validation procedures when relying on Excel for critical operational decisions. 
  5. Fidelity’s Mutual Fund Pricing Error: In late 1994, an accountant at Fidelity Investments, one of the largest asset management companies, made a pricing error in an Excel workbook used for valuing mutual funds. The error led to incorrect net asset values (NAVs) being published for certain funds, resulting in investors buying or selling shares at incorrect prices. Fidelity had to reimburse affected investors and faced scrutiny from regulators, highlighting the need for accurate data management and thorough review processes to maintain investor trust. 

These examples demonstrate the potential repercussions that businesses face when errors occur in spreadsheets. They underscore the importance of data accuracy, rigorous validation, and robust quality control procedures. Spreadsheets provide incredible power and flexibility. However, they are not without risk given their flexibility. The latest innovative financial services software can cut the risk. 

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