PFA Solutions Launches FirmView® Compensation, Planning and Recommendations Module

FirmView CPR allows firms to drive value for investors through clear alignment and understanding of compensation and rewards 

FAIRFAX, Va., Oct. 24, 2023 — PFA Solutions, a leading provider of specialized alternative investment compensation solutions, announced today the launch of its Compensation, Planning and Recommendations (CPR) module for FirmView ®. 

FirmView CPR consolidates historical cash and equity compensation alongside recommendations for annual ‘year-end’ or ‘mid-year’ increases, and equity awards/grants into a multi-step workflow process and distribution to decision makers.  Communications and inputs on recommendations are systemically tracked, managed and approved by Human Resources and executive team members. This is further enriched with employee referential data, compensation benchmarks and career profiles to develop comprehensive analytics, management reports, compensation letters and leadership summaries. Employees can review historical and new compensation plans and letters via the accompanying Participant Portal.  

“Private capital market leaders have a differentiated and systematic approach that continuously evolves to develop and empower teams that deliver for investors, CPR facilitates this critical process that has outpaced what most can and should do with Excel ” said PFA Solutions Co-founder and Managing Partner, Richard Change. “The Compensation, Planning and Recommendations module has been developed in response to demand for solutions that continually refine and improve compensation planning and transparency for employees and team members.” 

The complete FirmView package is a specialized platform that allows private capital firms to manage carried interest and standard compensation data in a single solution. Removing the reliance on spreadsheets makes for a much more effective and efficient ‘year-end’ and ‘mid-year’ cycles.  

About PFA’s FirmView® Product Suite 

FirmView® is a comprehensive carried interest and compensation management platform supporting Carried Interest and synthetic plans various types of vesting arrangements, employee capital co-investments, salary, bonuses, and other compensation arrangements. PFA Solutions is focused on a critical point of leverage for differentiated private capital success. 

The powerful private equity compensation software delivers features to help manage the full life cycle of each allocation profile including: 

  • Compensation, planning and recommendations 
  • GP carry participant allocation changes and vesting 
  • Total compensation management and reporting 
  • Forecasting and distribution notice production 
  • Employee portal for data and document access 


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