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Five notable real-life spreadsheet related mistakes

Spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are critical tools for CFOs and Heads of Finance. The examples below illustrate the impact of spreadsheet-related...

Read MoreAugust 22, 2023

Carried Interest Participant Allocation Plans: A Field Guide

Breaking Barriers: Unraveling Compensation & Carry Complexities in Private Equity Navigating the modern private equity landscape can feel like deciphering an intricate puzzle, particularly when...

Read MoreJuly 13, 2023

Carried Interest Participant Allocation Plans: Controls for Managing Carried Interest Data

Transform Your Private Capital Compensation Management Navigating the fast-paced and evolving landscape of private capital compensation poses significant challenges, especially when it comes to managing...

Read MoreJuly 6, 2023

When the cracks begin to grow in your finance team’s foundation 

Are cracks beginning to show in your carry and compensation process? Growing complexity may be the cause, and rehauling your data management foundation can help. 

Read MoreJune 13, 2023

Four Ways Technology Can Help PE and VC Firms Make Compensation and Carried Interest Plans More Transparent 

In recent years, private capital firms have invested in deploying technology solutions across critical business areas, such as investor relations, accounting, and portfolio management.   Earlier...

Read MoreJune 8, 2023

There is such a thing as wanting to automate too much

In most cases, we find ourselves helping firms talk their team into letting go of their toxic relationship with spreadsheets, and embracing automation. But sometimes...

Read MoreMay 23, 2023

The Private Capital Talent Series Episode 9: Cross-functional efficiencies and streamlining the investment closing process for deal teams

Mark Feirman of Cross Rapids Capital answers questions on cross-functional efficiencies, specifically streamlining the investment closing process for deal teams, LP onboarding and client communications,...

Read MoreMay 10, 2023

We Wanted to Highlight Some of our Clients’ Accomplishments Over the Past Year

We are proud to be working with clients that are leading the way in the alternative investments space. Here were some of their accomplishments in...

Read MoreFebruary 28, 2023

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 8: Midwestern private capital and operational excellence

Isabel Chirase of Drive Capital discusses the tested realities and opportunities of breaking new ground in the VC world, including the new geography of operational...

Read MoreDecember 22, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 7: Arming emerging managers for private capital 2.0

Episode 7 of The Private Capital Talent Series features  PKF O’Connor Davies’ Michael Stellwagen and PFA Solutions’ Ryan Burger for an assessment of today’s environment...

Read MoreDecember 16, 2022

Twelve Private Capital Firms Select FirmView® by PFA Solutions

Firms poised to drive value for investors through clear alignment and understanding of compensation and rewards Read the official press release by clicking here. FAIRFAX,...

Read MoreAugust 2, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 6: Carried interest as a unique talent lever

Episode 6 of The Private Capital Talent Series below features Kyle Burrell of EY on carried interest as a unique lever for talent retention!

Read MoreJuly 5, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 5: What to watch for in fund admin consolidation

Watch episode 5 of The Private Capital Talent Series below with Jeff Solomon of Paddock Capital Markets! Chris Gale  00:02 Welcome to the Private...

Read MoreJuly 5, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 4: Raising your second fund and managing talent liquidity

We’ve invited top tier private capital consultant Melanie Cohen and PFA’s Ryan Burger to talk about raising your second (or third fund) and talent liquidity...

Read MoreJune 10, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 3: How PE/VC CFO’s get the resources they need from the front office

We’ve invited TMF Group’s Kwame Lewis and PFA’s Ryan Burger to talk about why the front office wants CFOs to do more with less …...

Read MoreJune 1, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 2: Lessons from digitizing private capital

What are your peers doing to take the right lessons from the recent fundraising and deal wave and turn them into rational next steps for...

Read MoreApril 11, 2022

Private Fund Data and Analytics – Industry practices for implementing fund analytics solutions

"Private Fund Data and Analytics" is an article on private capital data aggregation and visualization tools to enable 24/7 access to information for employees and...

Read MoreMarch 21, 2022

Private Capital Talent Series Episode 1: The Intersection of Tech and Talent

Welcome to the “Private Capital Talent Series” with PFA Solutions CEO Richard Change and Ryan Burger, VP of Product Strategy/Client Delivery. Grab a coffee, and...

Read MoreMarch 8, 2022

The Digitization of Private Equity Compensation

This article discusses trends relating to the digitization of private equity and venture capital compensation reporting and analytics. Firms are beginning to use carried interest...

Read MoreFebruary 8, 2022

PFA 2021 By the Numbers

Thank you to all of our existing and new customers, partners and friends!

Read MoreJanuary 3, 2022
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