5 Steps to Ensure Tech Purchases Deliver Better Operations and Alignment

5 Steps to Ensure Tech Purchases Deliver Better Operations and Alignment

Has your maturing private capital firm outgrown Excel? Are you raising a second or third fund, and in need of better infrastructure to manage the needs of your expanding teams and investors? Or are you about to go public, and looking to ensure compliance quickly, accurately and securely?

Today, novel innovations in automation and analytics are evolving the way CFOs perform operations across the front and back office. Like earlier digital transformations that brought productivity and efficiency gains to accounting, portfolio management and investor relations, new tech is poised to remake the way private capital CFOs manage and track carried interest and compensation. From streamlining distributions to delivering reporting and calculations confidentially at the investor level, these scalable and efficient platforms are decreasing CFOs’ dependence on spreadsheets – reducing human error, saving time, and boosting transparency.

But, in a crowded digital field, how can CFOs make the best decision about which carried interest and compensation technology to adopt? 

As part of the PFA Solutions Private Capital Talent Series, we convened industry leaders to share their expert insights and tips for optimizing and aligning their technology purchases, including how to…

  1. Identify a goal
  2. Communicate as an organization
  3. Develop a strategy to achieve the identified goal
  4. Create a document/central repository of processes
  5. Execute strategy and processes

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